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The seeming natural order of crib > college > cubicle > coffin doesn’t fit with everyone’s natural loves and talents. So let’s do something different.

I’m not saying we must be a bunch of behaviorally challenged anarchists who don’t agree to anything. I love this society and many of the things we do for each other. But I think a lot of us fall into the natural order of normal, and believe that we can be better than that.

I’m passionate about this because I used to be someone who wandered through life aligning with the “should” and “have to” bull shit everyone threw at me. I believed Disney’s roles for men and women, that success could be counted monetarily, that true beauty was a spaghetti noodle body. The list could go on forever. Then I woke up one day in a life that wasn’t mine, and decided my time is too short to live a life I hated.

So I started all over. I moved across the country, ended a bad relationship, and completely shifted my career, hobbies and habits. This blog is for people who may be in the place I was. Or who refuse to lay down and do what they think will please their peers, parents, and society.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, which I absolutely am, I declare it’s time to abandon the restrictions that archaic traditions impose. Deny the standards media impose. Refuse the lies wealthy moguls spend millions trying to get us to buy.

Instead, I encourage you to be someone incredible. Challenge the scripts we have spent our whole lives learning and following.

I call this blog “abandon[ing] status quo” because I write for you and for me. I encourage you to abandon as I currently am abandoning. But the idea is to be something greater. Something bigger, and something far above…duh duh dummm….the status quo. 😀


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